Saturday, 5 September 2015

A.M.I.E. vs B.Tech. or B.E.

A Fact that if A.M.I.E. is to be De-Recognized then almost 85% of the Engineering Colleges must be Shut down and De-Recognized prior to that , After reading the following I think one will be able to take proper decision.
A.M.I.E. vs B.E./B.TECH.

1) In A.M.I.E. one has to write a paper of Full Paper of 100 Marks in 3hr There is no Internal Marks, and Pass Marks 50
In B.E./B.TECH. one has to write a paper of 70 Marks, 30 Marks is of Internal Assessment of the College, Pass Marks is 40 out of Total 100 (70+30), In Most of the Colleges one can easily get 20 out of 30 even without writing anything in the Internal, that means they only need 20 Marks out of 100 Virtually to pass a Subject.

2) In A.M.I.E. Question Standards are much much tougher than B.E./B.TECH. as most of the papers are set by prominent Professional and Person from Reputed Institutions/Universities . It is very hard to even get pass marks. All questions are in depth and unified all over the country.
In B.E./B.TECH. questions are set by different universities, questions not being uniform all over the country. If the Question Standards are compared with that of the A.M.I.E. , B.E./B.TECH Questions will fall as sub-standard.

3) In A.M.I.E. one has to give exam not at Home Centre, so there is no chance of Cheating and Getting Marcy, hence the Exams are Clean, and the marks secured by students are due to their own knowledge, not by copying or cheating
In B.E./B.TECH. one has to give exam in the Home Centre, and lots of Cheating in the Exam Hall goes on, and as the students are of their own college they tend to Marcy them and even allow them intentionally, hence most of them have High Marks but Shallow Knowledge on the Subjects.
Advantages of A.M.I.E. over B.E./B.TECH.

4) In the case of the most of the Diploma Engineers who are employed in different Companies and Government Sector they are not able to Pursue Degree in regular B.E./B.TECH. due to their Day Job can Carry on their Degree through A.M.I.E. , if A.M.I.E. is De-recognized then the Diploma Engineers will not be able to further Study and it will void the Fundamental Right of “Right To Education” of Indian Constitution.

5) A.M.I.E. can be done only by the person who are employed in the Engineering Field, hence an A.M.I.E. passed Engineer will have a Degree backed up with Years of Experience, which makes them much more Industry Ready, than fresher B.E./B.TECH. with No Experience.
3) The Total Cost of completing A.M.I.E. at the present day will be less than Rs. 25000/- whereas that for B.E./B.TECH. is about Rs. 4,50,000/- at minimum.

6) The quality of A.M.I.E. student and Studies can be judged by an practical example that most of the Government Engineers in various sectors are from reputed Institutions like IIT’s, IISc, A.M.I.E. and NIT’s , percentage of B.E./B.TECH. in Government Job other than that from reputed institutions are very less. Government Engineering jobs are very hard to get and Recruitments are highly competitive and this tells the all story of the Quality of the A.M.I.E.

7) Indian Engineering Degrees was not recognized in other countries like USA,UK etc. before the Indian became a member of Washington Accord recently, but A.M.I.E. was recognized from the very start in all other major countries like UK, USA etc.

8) Institution of Engineers (India) has got members who are of Top Class in their Field, and that is why Quality in Technical Knowledge is always maintained to a High Standard in A.M.I.E.

Misconception about A.M.I.E.

1) A.M.I.E. is Distance Education – Not True, A.M.I.E. is a Degree provided by Professional Society
2) There is No Practical and Laboratory Experiments done in A.M.I.E. – Not True, In A.M.I.E. there are 12 Laboratory Experiments covering all subjects feasible to done Laboratory Experiments each containing at least Three to Four Sub Experiments, that means it is equivalent to about 40 Experiments of B.E./B.TECH. including Surveying also. There is also Project Work.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Job In Government 2015 - How To Get It ? My Story

Job In Government, A Dream of Everyone, say most of one. But it is really hard to get a government job, yes it is very very tough indeed as there is immense competition from all the levels. But believe me it is hard to get but not impossible at all if you are really really in die heart dedication for getting it. Government Job ? people say that everything is corrupted no one can have a job without costing monetarily, may be there are few people who are doing this, but always remember that, if you have true quality then nothing can stop you in your way of achieving your dreams, believe me, you won't have to bribe to get a job if you are excellent, because you are going to outperform everyone else by your capabilities. The main problem is that we want to have a government job, but we are not eager to give that amount of hard work what it takes to achieve that position, and this is the main problem is being the barrier between us and a Government Job. As a Civil Engineer I always dreamed like most of you of getting a government job, but as it is said
"Real dREAM is What keePs yOu Awake, not letting you to sleep".
Now first of all let me tell you that, it is not a magic black or white not a pure luck what can bring you a Government Job, it need lots of dedication, passion and hard work, I mean lots of it. So if you are willing to accept this challenge and you are really willing to get a Government Job then keep reading, or else you may leave by now sorry pal.
So I think you are ready, and damn focused to fulfill your dream right? This is the very first step you need. I have catagorised all the steps through which if you go, and honestly follow then you have 90% chance of getting a government job, rest of 10% is reserved for the Unlucky Luck. Okay Let's Start.........

Future Ahead Sign Board For Presentation

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Job Getting Tricks 99% Success

Job Getting Tricks Techno Genome

Hello Readers, I'm Ranadip, I'm going through some trouble at this moment, as a result being unable to post since a few days, I'll be back shortly with a new post on next week, which will focus on the final year students who just passed out and struggling for getting a job in examination and interview (Technical), 99% chances are there that you will get a job if you follow those secret art of preparing for interviews, I'M PREPARING IT FOR YOU......Soooooo Please wait and keep your eyes on Techno Genome and My Civil . . . .It will be a collection of truly blaster information promising to bring something about what you will thank yourself that you will read that.

Here It Is   Government Job 99.9% Success

Monday, 25 May 2015

Top 10 Civil Engineering Interview Questions

Concrete Cube TestThe Top 10 Civil Engineering Questions You are definitely going to face in an interview for sure are as follows :-

1) What is Water-Cement Ratio and How it is related to the strength of concrete

2) What is Curing and Why it is necessary, What is the minimum curing period

3) What Do You Understand by M25 Concrete

4) What are the weights of 16mm, 12mm, 20mm, 25mm, 8mm Dia. Bars.

5) What are the minimum Propping Period of Beams and Slabs of various Spans.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Concrete Mix Design Guide As Per IS 10262-2009 With Example

Concrete Mix Design or Mix Design of Concrete is a procedure of determining the relative quantities and proportions of different ingredients of the concrete i.e. Cement, Water, Fine Aggregate, Coarse Aggregate, with the object of producing homogeneous fully compactable concrete having required Strength and Properties with economy.
It is manufactured in Concrete Batching Plant, or sometimes in Mobile Concrete Batching Plant. The Concrete Batching Plant automatically calculates the predefined  quantity of materials needed to produces concrete accurately measured by their weight and thoroughly mixed, in the Concrete Batching Plant the concrete produced is of homogenous quality and controlled concrete.
Now a Days with the advancement of concrete technology, the mix design of concrete is in a boom due to the requirements of High Grades of Concretes having required amount of workability, durability and other properties but the main factor is that these all things are achieved by mix design also with economy, that is there is nothing more in quantities of any ingredients of concrete than that required for producing particular type of concrete grade. Nominal Mixes can be adopted only upto the grade of M20, but above m20 grade, a concrete must be mix designed as per code provisions. Though most of us uses Nominal mix of 1:1:2 for M25 Grade, but it shouldn’t be done. There are various methods of concrete mix design, some of them are as follows :-